UNDP Response to Early Recovery in the Gaza Strip - 2012

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UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP) derives its mandate from the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 33/147 of 20 December 1978. Called upon by United Nations Member States in that year, UNDP was requested “to improve the economic and social conditions of the Palestinian people by identifying their social and economic needs and by establishing concrete projects to that end”. UNDP/PAPP is a responsive development agency that works together with the Palestinian people to fulfill their aspiration for sustainable human development based on self-determination, equality and freedom.


Latest Numbers
  • An estimated 158 Palestinian, including 33 children and 13 women have been killed
  • Over 1269 Palestinians have been injured
  • Approximately 298 houses have been destroyed in the Gaza Strip or seriously damaged
  • More than 1,700 houses have sustained minor damage
  • Approximately 224 Israelis have been injured and 6 killed
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Fast Facts About the Gaza Strip - 2012
1.6 million
Total Area
365 KM2
Refugee population as a percentage of total
Unemployment rate


Food insecure
Aid Recipients


Water quality
90% of Gaza aquifer is undrinkable
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The Gaza Strip has been the centre of conflict for decades. On 14 November 2012 the Israeli military launched a military offensive against the Gaza Strip, resulting in further deterioration in the living conditions of the Gazan population. According to OCHA, an estimated 298 homes have been destroyed or sustained major damage. Public infrastructure was also damaged or destroyed including health facilities, schools, bridges, universities, mosques, media and research centres, sports facilities, in addition to security, police and government buildings associated with Hamas.

In response to the challenges facing the Gaza Strip, UNDP is working with national and international partners to assess damages and needs, and devise plans for rebuilding. UNDP has mobilized its team in the occupied Palestinian territory to assist in rapid assessments in the Gaza Strip. These assessments will set the basis for recovery and reconstruction.  

UNDP’s response, among other activities, will also include restoring access, movement and basic services; reducing additional risk and vulnerability; reconstructing and restoring infrastructure, livelihoods; and rebuilding social cohesion. While the response will start in a humanitarian setting, UNDP’s operations in the Gaza Strip are guided by development principles that seek to build on humanitarian programmes and catalyse sustainable development opportunities. It aims to generate self-sustaining, locally owned, resilient processes for post crisis recovery.



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