The Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) in the oPt

Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability



Environmental protection and the integration of sustainable environment concerns into national policies is a recent concern in the oPt and has long been overshadowed by the conflict. Israeli occupation since 1967 has affected every aspect of Palestinian environment, the control over land and natural resources - particularly water - which has been and remains at the heart of the conflict. In 1999, the Palestinian Environmental Law No 97 was signed by the PA President and the 2005 draft Palestinian Constitution reiterates that the environment is a basic human right. The Ministry of Environmental Affairs (MENA), restructured into the Environmental Quality Authority (EQA) faces two kinds of challenges. There are long-term environment challenges that need to be addressed in parallel with the additional environmental risks and damages created by the ongoing conflict, and many long-term environmental solutions cannot become a reality without a peace process for the region. Considering the current trends, the persistence of the conflict and the levels of environment protection in the oPt, it is unlikely that Goal 7 will be met by 2015. Access to decent housing is also an important consideration in the oPt because of the conflict over land and high population density, including refugee camps.




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